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Big Data Part 3


In the next 4 blogs, we'll explore the characteristics of Big Data.

Volume is one key characteristic!

Data volumes today are incredible. I'll continue to use a consumer goods manufacturer as an example for this series of blogs.

Think about a consumer goods company that has 2000 sku’s that are selling through 100 different retailers. That could consist of 100,000 stores.

Now imagine that every day, each store is sending that CPG company sales information
including what was sold, how many items were sold, the time and date of the sale, potentially the price and potentially even the loyalty and market basket information which would tell them who the customer was and what they bought with your product.

We’re talking massive, massive data volumes on top of the ERP data already available from inside sources.

Now consider sources like the company Facebook page, your LinkedIn page, Twitter feeds about your company and brands, your YouTube commercials, and so on. Your talking huge
data volumes.

I recently heard a supply chain expert define big data as a Petabyte. We all kind of chuckled at that because this came from an analyst who knows about supply chain reports but has zero experience in data warehousing, databases or anything related to IT infrastructure. Relational Solutions has unsurpassed experience working in very disparate IT environments. A petabyte is a number. But just because that’s a big number doesn’t mean a terabyte isn’t big data to another company.

Volume to one company or even to one individual can cause an issue even if the data volume is
the same as that of another company, who has no issue dealing with that same volume. Every company has different environments, different users and different ways of managing data. So even smaller amounts of data can cause issues for one company and not another. To apply a specific number to big data is irrelevant.

That said, volume is one characteristic of “Big Data.” Look for our next blog that discusses

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Great psot, can i translate this and post in my spanish site?  
Posted @ Wednesday, September 25, 2013 1:34 PM by big data analytics
Thank you. You are welcome to repost in Spanish with a link to our blog.
Posted @ Wednesday, September 25, 2013 2:15 PM by Janet Dorenkott
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