xxVIS allows the Developer to test code on-the-fly!

Visual Integration Studio (VIS) extends beyond any other tool.

  • Reference External Components: You can easily extend the capabilities of Visual Integration Studio by referencing your own custom libraries, and/or libraries from 3rd party vendors. Simply reference the component, add any Import statements necessary and you have instant access to all the additional logic you need to accomplish your integration goal.
  • Visual Integration Studio's Code Store lends to re-usable code throughout the system! Code Store gives you the capability to create and test global functions on the fly that can be used in any job. The functions are easy to create and test because you get immediate feedback on whether your function works. Due to the incredible power built into the .NET framework, Visual Integration Studio can literally compile your function, pass it your test data and return the results back to you, allowing you to unit test the function before putting into production!.
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