With Visual Integration Studio (VIS) you can create work flows like the one displayed here.

  • Create heterogenious joins by joining disparate databases with one another (ie. join MS SQL Server with Oracle, DB2 or any other relational database).
  • Join database tables with text files, EDI, Excel spreadsheets or any .NET data provider.
  • Optimizes database loads with complete transaction control.
  • Work completely independent from anywhere by using VIS's local (on your PC) meta data repository - no need to be connected to the database or LAN to create work flow processes.
  • Deploy the entire work flow as an executable (.exe) that can be kicked off from the command line, as a component (.dll) that can be called from any .NET application or as .NET source code to embed into your applications!
  • You can also run the job from VIS's powerful built-in job control scheduler.