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What is BlueSky Integration Studio?

BlueSky Integration Studio is one of the most useful, cost-effective and productive tools on the market today for .NET developers!   Whether you are building integration processes for multiple locations around the world, or you simply need to extract and transform information within your single database environment, BlueSky Integration Studio will be the tool you want in your toolbox.   BlueSky Integration Studio is a BlueSky Integration design environment for extracting, transforming and loading data from any data source – to any data source allowing you to write code behind the transformation process in Visual Basic .NET.   Why buy an integration tool with yet another proprietary language to learn when you can take complete advantage of your existing VB and .NET knowledge!

These are just few way our customers are using BlueSky Integration Studio today:

Cleanse and load data from disparate data sources

Build B2B integration processes

Build complex processing designs and call them directly from your .NET programs via the VIS.NET Components

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence systems

Easily extract and transform data from one database or file  to another

Refresh information in Portal databases and ASP.NET web applications

Automation of nightly batch processing functions

Generate the VB.NET code for your designs and embed it directly into your own custom .NET programs

Build integration processes for bolt-on systems

Generate the .NET component (.dll) for your designs reference  it directly from your custom .NET programs

Designer Features

BlueSky Integration Studio's designer is an effective, easy to use development environment used to design your data integration and processing jobs.  

The designer’s intuitive drag and drop / property-based interface makes is very easy to build designs quickly, increasing your productivity exponentially compared to that of hand-coding.  

Data mapping and transformation

BlueSky Integration Studio's powerful data mapping and code behind interface gives you ultimate flexibility to control the flow and transformation of your data using standard VB.NET code.  Mapping columns to any data source is as easy as dragging the column and dropping it into its destination.  

Other features include:

Unlimited input data sources that you can join together

Filtering logic using standard VB.NET code.  Put some intelligence into your filter!

Quick access to the Code store library

Quick column selection tree

Syntax highlighting and smart drop down lists.

Easy to understand graphical flow interface

Job Deployment Features

Once you design your job you have 3 powerful options for deployment.  

Let BlueSky Integration Studio manage your integration jobs!  BlueSky Integration Studio compiles your design into a true .NET executable and stores it in the server repository.  There are no code interpreters here to slow things down! BlueSky Integration Studio jobs are fast, compiled executables taking full advantage of the .NET Framework’s managed code and memory features.   Once your job is compiled you have complete control in the Job Control window to Run your job,  check output logs, schedule your job and even monitor its progress in real-time!

Stop hand-coding your data processing logic!   In BlueSky Integration Studio, you simply design your process, compile it to a .NET component and reference it from your code.   Not only will your data processing logic be done in record time, but also maintenance down the road will be much faster.   Want to make a change?  Simply open your design, make your change, re-compile, and update the component in your .NET application’s directory!   You don't even have to re-compile your application!

Your a developer, we understand!  You want complete control over your software and you need to understand, and have control over every part of it.  Who are we to limit you?  BlueSky Integration Studio will give you every line of code for any integration job you can design.  How does this thing work anyway?   See for yourself – we have no secrets!   BlueSky Integration Studio generates every line of VB.NET code for you.  No proprietary external components or libraries are used.    How did we write that Excel file?  How do we use XML Serialization to output objects on the fly?  How did your job send that e-mail? .... you can see it and use it all!


Job Control

The Job Control Window gives you total control over the execution and monitoring of your integration jobs.   With easy to use VCR style buttons and real-time job monitoring you always know what’s going on.


Test Code on the fly!



BlueSky Integration Studio allows you to control who has access to your designs and job control capabilities.  Users are setup and given access to the 3 major components of the system, by application domain:  Administration, Design, and Job Control.  For instance, you could design a job and compile it, but maybe you want the user to control when it runs, effectively off-loading the management of that job to another user.   No problem, just give the user access to only the Job Control functionality of the system.   They will be able to run and monitor the jobs progress, but will have no capability to change the actual design.    

You can also segment your developers into groups by application domain so that one group of developers cannot access jobs from another group of developers.

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