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Scheduling Jobs

BlueSky Integration Studio server provides a scheduler service that gives you the capability to automate the execution of any compiled server job.   A server job is defined as a job that was compiled as an executable.  Jobs compiled as an executable are stored in the server repository.  To schedule a job, open the Job Control window, select a job and click the Scheduler button on the Job Control toolbar.   The scheduler window will pop up.

Select the schedule options that describe the date, time or frequency of the job's execution.  Click the View button to verify the scheduler options.  The scheduler will build a string describing the options in the top pane.  (Example:  "On every Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri at 6:00 AM").   Click OK to schedule the job.  BlueSky Integration Studio will submit the schedule into the repository and the job will execute at the specified time(s).

To unschedule a job:

Re-open the schedule window for the selected job and click the Unschedule button.  The schedule will be removed from the repository.

You can also use the Hold option.  Use the Hold option when you want the server to ignore the schedule request until you uncheck the hold option.  


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