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What is SQL Batching?  (And the RowsPerTransaction property)

Most databases support the ability to send multiple SQL statements in a single command object.  This allows all of the hard work to be done within the database, which has been specifically optimized for this type of functionality.  

Typically, BlueSky Integration Studio follows a simple, logical path.  It reads a record(s) from the input source(s), transforms the data in the Join object, and writes the record to the output source.

SQL Batching functionality works a little differently.  Instead of writing each record to the output source individually, it puts them into an in-memory Queue until it reaches the specified number of transactions as defined in the RowsPerTransaction property, then it submits all of the SQL statements in one single call to the database resulting in much faster load times.  Up to 300% faster!

SQL Batching can be used in all of BlueSky Integration Studio's database objects (.NET Data Provider, OleDb, ODBC, MS SQL Server, MS Access and MS Excel.   

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