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Job Component

     SetParameterValue method


SetParameterValue(pName As String, pValue As String)

     Returns:  None


The SetParameterValue method allows you to set, or add, the value of a parameter that will be passed to your job upon execution.  If the parameter name already exists, it will update the value.  If the parameter does not exist it will add it.


[Visual Basic .NET]


Public Sub RunMyJob()


        Dim js As ExportBudget.CRJobStatus


        Dim myExportBudgetJob As ExportBudget




        myExportBudgetJob = New ExportBudget()


        myExportBudgetJob.JobPaths.JobStatusFileName = "ExportJobStatus.xml"



        myExportBudgetJob.SetParameterValue("CUSTOMERID", "100453")








        js = myExportBudgetJob.GetJobStatus()




        If Not (js Is Nothing) Then


            MsgBox("Job is done, Status: " + js.JobStatus.ToString)




            MsgBox("Job is done")


        End If






End Sub





private void RunMyJob()




            ExportBudget.CRJobStatus js;


            ExportBudget myExportBudgetJob;




            myExportBudgetJob = new ExportBudget();


            myExportBudgetJob.JobPaths.JobStatusFileName = "ExportJobStatus.xml";



            myExportBudgetJob.SetParameterValue("CUSTOMERID", "100453");








            js = myExportBudgetJob.GetJobStatus();




            if (js != null)




                  MessageBox.Show("Job is done, Status: " + js.JobStatus.ToString());








                  MessageBox.Show("Job is done");












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