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We offer our TD Linx Module as both a hosted solution or as an in-house solution.

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TD Linx & Syndicated Data

Relational Solution’s, TD Linx Module integrates TD Linx data from hundreds of retailers. That includes all major mass retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Target, SAMS, Costco, etc., along with other drug stores, grocery stores and C-stores. Typically hundreds of thousands of stores, all completely automated and ready to use.

Our TD Linx module improves internal productivity by integrating your master data. By doing this, we are able to automate the submission files and send them to TD Linx without human intervention. By automating this process, we eliminate the frustrating hours of time that users spend doing this manually. We are also ensuring that the data will get there on time. So business users can spend more time analyzing the information to make informed business decisions and not have to worry about missing deadlines. In addition, we are reducing the potential for human error that can occur when manually copying and pasting and submitting files.

How It Works

Our processes are designed to automatically acquire TD Linx updates and retrieve the TD Linx data whenever it is available. This is an automated process whereby our TD Linx Module automatically FTP's the files down, unzips the files, processes the data and automatically generates scheduled reports through BlueSky Analytics. The users can also create new reports.

Maximize Your TD Linx Investment

By using our TD Linx module, we are able to make the data available in both the original field names from TD Linx, as well as put them into common business terms. Thus allowing a company to truly leverage the full investment of TD Linx data by putting the data into an easy to use format that more users can understand and therefore use. BlueSky Analytics presents information back to the users in an easy to use format. Users can create different views of the data, combine it with other data, drag, drop, drill, trend, sort, compare, create Power Point Presentations, export to Excel, etc.

With our TD Linx Module, you are now able to archive TD Linx data.

Integrated With POSmart

In addition, the TD Linx Module plugs right into POSmart. POSmart gives you the flexibility to harmonize TD Linx with direct Retailer downstream EDI 852 POS data and other internal data, such as shipments, supply chain, and forecast data. Therefore it can be a stand-alone application or it can be expanded into a full DSR solution if you chose.