Business Intelligence Services

Relational Solutions offers a host of business intelligence tools to suite your user requirements. The beauty of our business intelligence suite of offerings is that it leverages the same meta data layer, thereby leading to data consistency from user type to user type.

Many companies want to “standardize” on a business intelligence tool. What they should be doing is standardizing on the business layer and giving proper access and capabilities to each user, based on that users job responsibility.

With the BlueSky Suite of business intelligence tools, we do just that. The user interfaces are all managed in the same way, but the end user capabilities vary based on job function.

  • BlueSky Analytics
  • Includes business user JAD sessions
  • Business Objects
  • UMicrostrategy
  • Oracle
  • Cognos
  • Microsoft Analysis Services

The BlueSky Suite of business intelligence tools are based on “smart client” technology. Smart client technology offers the following benefits:

  • Power Of Client Side Tool
  • Managed on the Server
  • Work Off-line
  • Immediate Response
  • Compressed Cubes