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SMARTmart is here!

In addition to our regular project services, Relational Solutions now offers a series of bundled services designed to jump start your data warehouse/mart. As usual, these bundles can be customized to your specific needs. Our goal is to deliver data to the end users, reduce the time spent on investigating technologies by leveraging our experiences and maximize your return on investment.

Architectural Review - Provides you with a plan to begin your data warehouse, customized for your environment and business needs. This is a melding of IT and end user requirements. Interviews with both IT staff and end users are conducted to explore requirements and prepare for both present and future needs. A review of your IT architecture will be conducted and we will assess infrastructure requirements for a data warehouse/mart. We will also determine the need for middleware and provide you with options to consider. You will receive a written evaluation (Architectural Review) which will include our recommended plan for building a successful data warehouse/mart. This Architectural Review consists of 3 days on site and 2-3 days of document preparation. The cost for the services and documentation is $6,000.

Software Recommendation - Provide you with a customized evaluation and recommendation of the Data Conversion Engine tool set which best fits your company business needs. Interviews will be conducted with the different functional areas of your IT department as well as key end users. For the purpose of the evaluation, “functional areas” are company departments or areas of responsibility that will have an impact, or be impacted, by the DCE tool set chosen. This includes functional areas such as Hardware & Software Systems, Architecture & Planning, Application Development, Systems & Data Management, Database Administration, Project Implementation and End Users. The purpose is to gain an understanding of your companies IT environment, technical skill sets and company standards so as to provide you with the product recommendation appropriate to your unique business requirements. Services consist of 2 to 3 days on site along with 3 days of documentation preparation. The cost is $6,000. Relational Solutions applies $2,000 of the service cost to the DCE product purchased through Relational Solutions. (Additional services are available to assist in piloting the software at your site).

SMARTmart - Relational Solutions “SMARTmart” is a bundled data mart package that includes a 5 user license for your database of choice, Vmark's DataStage run-time extraction and transformation server and tool set, PowerDesigner Data Warehouse Architect CASE design tool, 5 Business Objects end user query tool licenses and 30 days of services. The cost for this SMARTmart is $98,500. Due to the popularity of SMARTmart, it is typically required that services be scheduled 30 days in advance.

*(All three bundles can be purchased for a total cost of $107,500, for a savings of $3,000).

Our services are not limited to these bundles. We can implement a data mart from start to finish in under 120 days. To inquire about our services click on the envelope below.

To contract services or obtain additional information, call Relational Solutions at
216-899-3296 and ask to speak with Janet Dorenkott.

* Prices do not include travel & expenses, if necessary.


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