Company Background


RSI Relational Solutions, Inc. is midwest based with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Our customers are located in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York. We specialize in data warehousing and building enterprise data marts.

We are a strategic group of highly skilled data warehouse professionals. We can work with your current staff and help to identify the roles and responsibilities required to ensure the successful implementation of your data warehouse project as well as the on-going success and management of the warehouse. With our methodology, we identify areas of your in-house expertise and compliment your resources with our expertise. Once the roles have been identified, we work together with your staff to implement solutions customized to your business requirements.


Maximize your Return on Investment

• Leverage Relational Solutions data warehousing expertise by complementing your existing staff.

• Automate the warehouse process with a proven methodology.

• Reduce cost associated with coding and managing code by automating the process with proven technology.

• Design the data model for maximum performance and scalability.

• Select technologies to address end users requirement.

• Simplify on going management of the warehouse.

• Deploy the warehouse quickly with high reliability.


If You Build It They Will Come: Or Will They?

The data your users need will determine technologies required. We can help you identify solutions that fit your users needs and work within your Information architecture.

There are many important steps one must take if a data mart or warehouse is to be implimented correctly. Building the data warehouse requires experience and a process that works. Every client is unique. Relational Solutions has a "Process Plan" that we customize for each client. Once the sources have been identified, the decision must be made as to how to connect, cleans, extract, transform and load the data. The design of the data model is critical to the performance of the data warehouse. Relational Solutions has expertise in the entire scope of the warehouse project. We can assist your staff to ensure a successful deployment.

Relational Solutions, the company.

Relational Solutions was founded in January of 1996 by Robert York and Janet Dorenkott. It was founded with the idea of teaming your existing staff with our focused expertise to provide the total data warehouse solution.

In order to keep on top of the latest technologies and to recommend the best solution for your environment, Relational Solutions has partnerships with all the major relational database vendors as well as multi dimensional database vendors. Partnerships also exist with extraction and transformation vendors as well as front end access tools. We provide knowledge transfer of the software we work with as well as some customized training courses.

The concept of consultants specializing in the data warehousing process and working with your existing staff to ensure the successful implementation has received a nice acceptance. We anticipate that as our company grows and more people become aware of our offerings, the demand for these specialized services will increase.

Relational Solutions thanks you for taking the time to read this information and to learn about our business. We look forward to working with your company to assist you in the successful implementation your data warehouse.


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