TradeSmart & PromoPro

TradeSmart & PromoPro are post promotion automation and analysis solutions. TradeSmart improves JBPS, Joint Business Planning Sessions, by leveraging COGS, POS, Shipments, Plan and other sources to provide accurate trade spend ROI for both CPG manufacturers as well as retailers. TradeSmart streamlines the integration of these data sources and reduces the tedious process the marketing teams have trying to pull together data from different sources. By streamlining this cumbersome process, marketing teams have increased coverage of retailers so they know what's going on with promotions. Increased retailer coverage, improved JBP with retailers, streamlined efficiencies and accurate Promotional ROI analysis is gained with TradeSmart.

PromoPro is key to helping trade groups understand the promotion effectiveness. PromoPro also gives CPG companies a huge competitive advantage when trying to establish JBP status with retailers. The better the alignment between trade promotion and shopper marketing, the better the return on investments will be for trade-spend initiatives. Coordination between the two disciplines is essential. TradeSmart & PromoPro does this.

For most CPG companies, trade spend is the largest corporate expense aside from payroll. Trade spend is typically 10% to 20% of overall company revenue. Most trade spend initiatives involve customized displays and communications that are built around a trade promotion event staged with a particular retail partner. Success requires the full support and involvement of account teams and retail partners. Alignment of promotional events with actual shopper marketing (trade events) is vital to attain the full return on investment. TradeSmart & PromoPro does just that.

Here is what TradeSmart & PromoPro can do for you.

  • Improve JBP, Joint business planning sessions, with retailers
  • Understand Trade Spend ROI across all promotions and all mass retailers.
  • Align plans with actual consumption for an accurate picture.
  • Automated data integration provides streamlined processes for high productivity.
  • Understand brand cannibalization and its effect on Trade Event ROI.
  • Use TradeSmart & PromoPro to see results of Promotional Events & improve future event planning.
  • Compare Trade Event results to competitors.

TradeSmart & PromoPro can be implemented as part of the demand signal repository (DSR) or as a separate application. Relational Solutions strongly recommends that companies have a demand signal repository in place first, so that clean point of sale data can be leveraged. The success of projects such at trade promotion optimization is greatly increased when CPG companies have a demand signal repository in place. Relational Solutions recommends the DSR be used as a hub. The DSR supports the needs of category management, but since the data is there and clean, it should be leveraged across the company. This is true, not only for marketing departments to leverage data for applications such as promotion analysis, but also for other departments. Supply Chain Managers are also frequent users of the DSR to see sales versus shipments, orders, DC, etc. Relational Solutions recommends the BlueSky Post Promotion Analytics Suite leverage the POSmart Enterprise Demand Signal Repository.