BlueSky Dashboards

BlueSky Dashboards give you the ability to create stunning dashboard presentations for your business users. BlueSky Dashboards have easy to use, intuitive wizards. You can quickly build a dashboard solution that includes many different chart types, images, interactive pivot grids, and much more.

BlueSky Dashboards have powerful capabilities. Administrators are able to control what data your users can see by enabling the row-level security options available in BlueSky Enterprise. End users then have access only the reports and information they should have access to. End users then have the capability of selecting the reports, charts and widgets they want to have appear on their dashboards. They can create different dashboards with differnt information. For example, a Category Manager for Walmart might want reports specific to what their Walmart buyer wants to see. They may also have category captain responsibility. In this case, only they would have access to that information. There may be a Supply Chain manager who wants to see a report on his dashboard that shows sales versus consumption. They may have other dashboards related just to shipments, they may have another dashboard that shows POS versus what was shipped, versus what is at the DC, versus what is on order. BlueSky Dashboards are flexible and built for all users.

Build powerful KPI’s and information mash-ups that will captivate your users with this innovative dashboard solution, and very quickly you will be able to provide interactive insights into your business data.

  • Many different chart types available for different users
  • Dynamic pick lists so users can chose what they want
  • Multiple page capability so users can have more than one BlueSky Dashboard
  • User-level customization of BlueSky Dashboards
  • Easily drill right into BlueSky Analytics and workbooks
  • No programming required, entirely wizard based
  • Seamless connectivity to all databases and MPP systems including Teradata and Netezza