Big Data Foundation for The Omni-Channel, SOMOLO & Emerging Market

“Big Data” today, refers to unstructured data. Examples of unstructured data include social chatter, media files, geo-mapping, digital files, etc. Structured data can be found in your order entry systems, manufacturing systems, accounting applications, and other applications. Hybrid data is data that has structure to it, but that structure is inconsistent. Getting them all to work together is what Relational Solutions, Big Data Foundation addresses. 

With today's Omni-Channel in full play, retailers and CPG manufacturers alike have big issues to tackle. The Omni-channel is a term used to describe all the various channels in which your product can sell as well as the customer experience associated with that sale. This includes the selling price, venue, payment experience, customer service and other customer interactions. Social, mobile & local, often referred to as SOMOLO or SOLOMO, is often used to describe the omni-channel, but it's more than that. The buying process & customer experience has evolved. 

We often hear of omni-channel retail, but it is also omni-channel CPG. Social marketing, mobile marketing, mobile retailing, are all terms associated with the omni-channel. In today’s world where CPG manufactures have to prove to retailers that their promotions are working, joint business planning sessions, JBP or JBPS, are more critical than ever. 

Emerging market data is also becoming a critical data source for CPG manufacturers. Many CPG companies see significant growth in emerging markets and are selling items there. These items are often modified for emerging markets. Emerging markets were once considered to consist mainly of BRIC, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and China. But today, countries including Mexico, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh are showing significant growth as well. In many of these countries, retailers own a single store. Unlike in emerging markets where companies like Walmart have over 4200 stores just in the US. Integrating these unique data sources is something our Big Data Foundation can do. 

Relational Solutions “Big Data Foundation” and "Omni-Channel Foundation" allows businesses to gain a better understanding of what might be impacting sales. By understanding what is happening at the grass roots level, companies can save money sending reps out to check on stores, turn negative sentiment into positive sentiment, respond quickly to activities they have the ability to alter an understand what they cannot change.

By having an open architecture that leverages data warehousing and business intelligence fundamentals our foundation can integrate your internal data warehouse and internal data sources with Social data such as social media sentiment, mobile data such as website clicks, e-commerce & website sales and local data that includes point of sale data, POS, syndicated data, emerging market sales, etc. Our data integration engine can take structured data exported from other sources to integrate things like QR codes, goe-spacial information, e-coupons, paper coupon information and much more. This is important to understand not only where your sales are coming from but how your customers are interacting with you. You can also leverage this information to help detect where and how coupon stacking may be occurring.  

Integrating data for any industry is complicated, but for the consumer goods and retail industries, the complexities are compounded. Consumer goods manufacturers not only have the standard data integration issues that come along with integrating data from internal data sources, but they have the added complexity of integrating all the sources outside their business sent to them by retailers, syndicated data providers, distributors, emerging market and other outside data they may purchase. Now add to that social media chatter, e-commerce, e-coupons, mobile payments, QR code information, website analysis, click stream analysis, location information and more.

Social media chatter represents massive data volumes. Depending on your company, what you want to collect and how you plan to use social media data, the data volumes can be mind boggling. Some companies run ads on social media and just want to collect click stream information for analysis. Others want to gather chatter, good, bad or indifferent, that people are posting about their company and brands and align that with sales to provide immediate response.

Below are examples that show how Relational Solution’s Big Data and Omni-channel Foundation turns unstructured, big data from the internet into valuable insights.

Identify Social Media Champions through Big Data Foundation & BlueSky.

Emails opened by marketing campaign promotion

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