Relational Solutions POSmart Enterprise Demand Signal Repository

POSmart Enterprise Demand Signal Repository



Relational Solutions, POSmart Enterprise Demand Signal Repository is a world class solution for Consumer Goods Manufacturers that will dramatically improve business efficiencies by maximizing sales while optimizing demand planning and inventory management.


POSmart was designed with flexibility in mind. It uses industry “best practice” business rules designed around many years of experience and over 100 implementations.


The POSmart data integration and analytics engine pulls in demand data (retailer point-of-sale scanner data) with its built-in retailer specific data connectors. POSmart allows for the automation of integration of point of sale data with internal data coming from ERP systems. With POSmart, CPG manufactures can integrates shipment data from SAP with POS data from Walmart, CVS, Target, Tesco, Ahold, Loblaw’s and virtually any other retailer. POSmart allows integration of internal master data, and syndicated data, then applies Dynamic Matching Technology and  industry algorithms to validate and harmonize the data that delivers the actionable information you need to change the way you do business. With the POSmart integration engine, BlueSky Integration Studio (BIS), we are able to integrate other data sources as well including loyalty data, social media chatter, emerging market data, distributor data, EDI files, RetailLink data and much more. POSmart is an open architecture designed to grow and change with the business. It is database independent, data source independent, even portable. We also allow other query tools such as Cognos, Business Objects, Qlik, Access and even Excel access and query the POSmart database. With our powerful front end tool, BlueSky Analytics, users are even able to query data from multiple data sources and combine data right from within BlueSky Analytics.


  • Industry leading Enterprise Demand Signal Repository (DSR)
  • Point-of-Sale data integration and harmonization engine for CPG companies
  • Integration capabilities for SAP, Demantra, Siebel, Oracle ERP, and Syndicated Data Providers
  • “Flowcast” technology for optimizing on-shelf availability and supply chain reliability
  • Built-in account team analytics
  • Inventory forecasting reduces costly inventory shortages and over-stocks
  • Powerful predictive analytics allows you to solve problems before they become costly
  • Automated Alerts identify & prioritize high impact business issues
  • Can be installed and configured in-house, behind your firewall, or we can host it for you in our data center.