EDI Extractors & Validation

Standard EDI extractors and validations routines were written exclusively for Consumer Products customers and can be customized to reflect business rules unique to your organization .

Customer Information Integration

POSmart integrates customer specific information such as retail selling price and other important data so you can better understand your customer.

Customer Calendars

In addition to your fiscal and standard year-end calendars, POSmart integrates your customer calendars. POSmart has most national retail calendars from Walmart, Kmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Staples, Offfice Max, and others.

POSmart Administration Application

Written in both Visual Basic and Java, POSmart's Administration Application allows for easy input of information required by sales and marketing.
Examps include: retail selling price, non-ship-to stores, adding or removing stores, missing EDI item numbers, disp;ay information, etc. The POSmart Adminstration Application can be customized for your unique business requirements.

Change Capture

POSmart dramatically reduces network traffic and the load time window by capturing only changes from the previous load.

Items Cross Reference

If you sell to large retail chains, Relational Solutions will integrate a cross- reference table to integrate your item numbers with retail numbers.

Designed and Modeled for the Business User

Ease-of-use, ease-of-navigation and performance are cornerstones to POSmart. POSmart was designed and built from the bottom upfor one purpose - to derve the business user.

Eliminates Long & Costly Implementations

POSmart Standard Edition can typically be implemented in 14 weeks or less. Built around our unified architecture, POSmart consolidates and integrates customer and sales data from a variety of sources including EDI, transactional processing systems, back-office applications, and third party databases for a total Customer Centric, Demand Chain analysis and reporting solution.

Fully Web Enabled

Whether business users prefer a Windows client or Browser client, POSmart will support you. POSmart supports their client Browser-based query and reporting with equal capabilities as its Windows client.