Designed for Consumer Products Companies

POSmart was designed from the ground up as a complete, integrated solution for Consumer Products companies. All components, from data extraction to user access and analysis, are seamlessly integrated and designed for minimum maintainance and administration.

Increase Sales & Profits

POSmart helps our customers to increase sales of products based upon customer buying habits and preferences in specific product categories. POSmart enables our customers to ensure that they have the right products, at the right price, in the right place and at the right time, thus improving inventory turnover and return on investment. In addition, promotions, displays and marketing, campaigns can be measured for effectiveness.

POSmart Enterprise Edition

Designed to support future growth of the data warehouse.

Sell-Through Capability:
Shipments & Inventory Management

By integrating both Point-of-Sale and Shipments data, you can now gain sell-through capabilities, thus understanding shipments and inventory at each location, for every product and product category. Product availability is extremely important. With large retailers, understanding how much product is needed, where it is needed, and where they can get it is a necessity. POSmart will allow you to analyze product inventory levels at each store. You can set inventory threshold levels to quickly flag products that require immediate restocking and ones that are approaching low levels.

Product & Location Trend Analysis

With POSmart you will be able to accurately forecast customer demand. Historical sales data provides a baseline for forecasting peak demand periods for specific products. Compare Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual results by storeand product and immediately flag exceptions, such as low store inventory levels. POSmart also allows you to promote products that can yield cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. In addition, your sales organization hierarchy will be available for reporting, allowing you to drill down or up the hierarchy to pinpoint sales budget verses actual revenues.

Specialized Customer Report

Improv status with your customers by providing them information based on their business calendars. POSmart supports various retail calendars and is fully web enabled to provide critical information anywhere, any time, and any place.


POSmart is an analytical Customer Relationship Management application that helps you understand your customer better and build more solid customer relationships.

Market Basket Analysis

Personalize your promotions to your customer by understanding their buying patterns.