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Under $100M in sales

RSI's offers small businesses affordable solutions that meet the needs of sales, finance and excutive users.

"Small businesses need information that allow it to gain competitive advantages over larger, less nimble competition."

RSI implementations at companies such as Paper Source, Federal Equipment and JB Oswald allow them the competitive benefits of Business Intelligence that in the past was only affordable for larger companies.

Small Company Environment:
  • One main source of data
  • operational systems
  • Single IT platform
    • AS/400 or Unix
  • Mainly domestic
    • limited or no international
  • Current reporting system is strictly operational
  • 2 - 25 potential user
  • Information is difficult to access and process
  • Lack personnel that are data savy
  • Very small technical staff
  • Need easy administration with little maintenance
  • Needs to be very easy to use
  • Need to easily be able to get data into Excel
  • Need minimal learning curve
  • Data must be reliable and consistent

Between $100M and $1.5B

Mid-size companies must have the ability to make informed decisions that take advantage of current market conditions. You need the capability to evaluate historical trends that led up to todays environment so that you can understand the changes taking place and make the right decisions at the right time.

"Mid-sized companies need a Business Intelligence solution that can be accessed by key decision makers and others responsible for customer satisfaction, company profitability and revenue growth."

RSI has solutions designed to dramatically reduce total project and implementation cost. Our implementations meet the demanding requirements of Executives, Sales, Marketing and Finance users. RSI implementations at mid-size companies such as Manco, Kraftmaid, Merillat, Royal Appliance, Eddie Bauer, and Bowman Distribution allow these customers to reap the competitive advantage provided by superior knowledge management with the ability to make time sensitive decisions based upon relevant, reliable and factual data.

Mid-Size Company Environment:
  • A few sources of data
    • operational systems
    • EDI
    • flat files
    • 3rd party data providers
  • Mid-size platforms
    • AS/400
    • Unix
    • Microsoft
  • Mid-size ERP system
  • Mainly domestic
    • may sell in some European countries
  • Current reporting is mostly operational using Excel, Crystal, and/or Access
  • 25 - 200 potential users
  • Information is difficult to access and process
  • Staff spending most time gathering rather than analyzing data
  • Data is outdated by the time it gets into the hands of decision makers
  • Competitive data not integrated because it comes from different sources
  • Data is too difficult for business managers to access and navigate
    • Business users go to IT staff for reports
  • Lack of consistent and reliable reports/results
  • Internal IT staff defines reports (not decision makers)
  • No clear cut informational objectives established
  • Differences may exist between departments for defining key metrics, like sales and profits
  • Attitude is "nothing can be done about it" or "we get what we need"
  • Reports can take days or even weeks to deliver to business users
    • upper management receives "pseudo" number
RSI Solution
  • Start with a Business Analysis to determine overall corporate informational needs
    • this should take about 2 weeks, not months
  • Clearly define informational priorities
  • Gain agreement on the first phase of an integrated multi-phased approach
  • Each phase should take approximately 3 months and deliver business benefits quickly with high ROI
    • each phase should be rolled out independent of other phases and deliver high value to business users
  • Integrate and cleanse all potential sources of data - but ONLY the data elements necessary for decision making (this is NOT a dump of all operational databases)
  • Employ all key business metrics defined for improving customer service, improving sales revenue and profits, and consistency across all departments
  • Model so that business users can easily access information via a browser from the office, home or mobile.

Over $1.5B in sales

Fortune 2000 companies need outside resources that understand Data Warehousing Best Practices to help existing staff meet the vast demands and requirements of business users. Knowledge management has become a high priority in virtually all mult-national companies. The boundries for information have expanded far beyond the old methods of operational reporting.

"Knowledge management is a requirement and key differenciator to service a vast array of customers who will switch vendors if product, price and service are not top quality. Internal business users demand that information be available around the clock and anywhere a PC can be plugged in order to provide top notch service and grow company revenues."

RSI has helped companies such as Xerox, Chrysler, Sherwin Williams, Timken Industries and ICI Paints implement World-Class Data Warehouses and large scale Business Intelligence systems. We bring a proven methodology, enterprise and industry specific data models, and high quality, dedicated resources to get the project done on-time and on-budget.

Large Company Environment:
  • Several wholey owned subidiaries
  • Many sources of data
    • internal
    • external
      • EDI
      • XML
      • 3rd party
      • flat files
  • Multi-tier platforms
    • mainframes
    • Unix
    • Linux
    • Microsoft
  • Large ERP systems
    • SAP
    • Oracle Apps.
    • PeopleSoft
    • Siebel
  • Global
  • Growth via aquisition or international expansion
  • 100's of operational reports
  • Has problems with data consolidation
  • Managers constantly complain about lack of information or data discrepancies
  • 100's or 1000's of potential users
  • Difficult to understanding company business, let alone competition
  • Data is everywhere
  • No clear goals in defining informational needs
  • The various product attributes make it difficult to organize