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Spring 2006 Newsletter
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Announcing Version 3.8 of POSmart

The latest version of POSmart combines all the great technologies of Relational Solutions in a complete, fully integrated package. This puts our customers leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. In version 3.8 POSmart now incorporates both our POSmart Data Manager and SQL Inspector in a single integrated package. What makes this new integration package unique is that the data analyst can fix data issues quickly (in minutes!) and get back to doing their normal duties without the headaches and time consumption typically associated with fixing complex data problems.

POSmart Data Manager automatically quarantines bad data and allows users quickly and easily manage POS data coming in from the retailers. With POSmart it does not matter if the point-of-sale data is in EDI format, flat files or the retailers proprietary format such as Retail Link, Partners, etc. Combined with SQL Inspector, the POSmart Data Manager now also allows you to easily fix data issues AND view the results in real-time. With our open architecture you can make real-time changes, view the changes and make any additional adjustments you see fit.

In addition, POSmart now offers an upgrade to the data integration tool called Visual Integration Studio. With the upgrade, companies can get a full use license to use Visual Integration Studio to use with other data/application integration projects within your organization!

**Relational Solutions welcomes Stiefel Labratories as a POSmart customer!**

The POSmart Advantage

Unfortunately, the term 'data warehousing' has the reputation of be 'big' and 'costly' to implement. That could not be further from the truth. If done correctly, data warehousing is not only affordable but could very well be the single most important competitive advantage for companies today. If you are not doing it, you are behind the times.

Data integration and data warehousing is fast becoming the lastest buzz in the Consumer Goods & Retail industries. Competition is intense and expectations from mass retailers are at an all time high. Retailers are demanding that suppliers understand store level demand (POS data) and accurately forecast store level consumption. The attitude is, "if you can't get the job done, somebody else will". The objective is to manage your inventory and shipments better than your competition so that you get favorable shelf space and product placement, leading to greater sales and brand recognition.

The issue with POS data is the volume of data coming from retailers, inconsistent data formats and the need to combine it with internal data such as shipments and forecast data. The graph to the right depicts shipments and consumption on the same chart, called "Ship-Share". With POSmart, one can easily understand sell-through trends and quickly take action adjusting demand planning forecasts.

The "secret sauce" is POSmart's built in automation of data validation and cleansing processes, while integrating and consolidating multi- retailer POS and 3rd party data such as AC Nielsen and IRI. Right out-of-the-box POSmart contains what you need to get demand level analysis up and running in a few weeks. In fact, the ROI for POSmart is so great that it can pay for itself in months, not years.

POSmart includes a browser-based graphical interface that business users will find unintimidating and extremely easy to use. POSmart includes an Executive Dashboard, Key Performance Indicators, slicing-and-dicing, data drill down to details, and ad-hoc analysis.

Let Relational Solutions House Your Data!
For smaller companies or departmental solutions, Relational Solutions offers you the option to integrate all your POS and 3rd party data and house it on our servers. We handle all the data cleansing and integration requirements and give you complete access to your data via a zero client, web based interface. Call us at 440-899-3296 ext. 25


In a Gartner Group survey, companies expenditures for business intelligence software as a percent of their overall software budget in 2005 was 6% in N. America and 10% in both Europe and China, with a median expediture of $100,000 in N. America.


Increase Forecast Accuracy with
POS and Shipment Data.

Product forecasting is not a science. Rather, it is a moving target and never straight forward. Many variables effect product forecasts: The unpredictable economy, weather, ever changing consumer preferences, regional trends, and other unpredictable events.

By combining point-of-sale data for history and shipment data, you will gain significant insight into forecast accuracy and any forward changes based upon current patterns and trends. At Relational Solutions, we have developed a "Ship-Share" module to POSmart that allows business analysts to test manufacturing forecasts against reality. This latest enhancement in POSmart enables CPG business analysts to quickly recognize changing conditions and implement "what if" senarios.



Relational Solutions is proud to support our young athletes. Congratulations to Katie, our local box car racer who sports the Visual Integration Studio logo on the side of her car. Katie is 11 years old and races in the 1/8 and 1/4 mile races. Her VIS sponsored car is clocked at speeds up to 60 mph!

We look forward to an exciting baseball season from our Westlake 14 year old Pony League sponsored by Relational Solutions. Relational Solutions sponsores teams & organizations including Westlake baseball & softball, North Olmsted baseball, Junior Olympics volleyball, Ohio's Swim for Cure and Juvenile Diabetes Walk for Cure. Gook luck to all our young athletes this season!






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Relational Solutions announces Version 4.0 of Visual Integration Studio!

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POSmart Demo

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