Post Event Analytics

There is a rigorous mandate within the Consumer Goods Industry to control, manage, and evaluate the performance of trade funds, which are generally the second highest line item in the corporate budget, second only to Cost of Goods Sold.

Spending across all industries is typically near 15 percent of gross revenues with many consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers closing in on 20 percent. Thus, it’s easy to predict that even small improvements in trade spending will have a significant impact on earnings.

Questions that you will want answers to are:

  • Is this a long term solution that can grow as we grow or is it a short term throw away solution?
  • Can I understand how users can easily create ad-hoc reports or is it a closed-ended application with a finite set of analytics?
  • Is the integration and algorithms/calculations being done prior to loading into the database or are most calculations done in the reporting tool?
  • Is it an open architecture where I can use any reporting and analysis tool or am I tied to a single vendor solution?
  • Do I want to have the PEAT solution to feed information to other internal systems such as Planning and Marketing?