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Reuters: October 4, 2001: PaperSource realizes over 15% growth with RSI's POSmart

PaperSource, a Chicago based specialty paper retailer, detailed its benefits using Relational Solutions, Inc. (RSI) POSmart application designed for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail industries.

"POSmart has made a fundamental change in the way we do business today," say Sue Lindstrom of Paper Source, a Chicago based Relational Solutions customer. "Same store sales are up almost 20% this year over the same period last year. POSmart is a big reason for our improved performance. We could never anticipate the benefits of POSmart because we never realized there was a solutionthat could have such a positive impact in managing our business. POSmart takes the guess work out of the equation and allows us to manage our product sales and inventory with precision."

With POSmart, CPG and retail customers are now able to effictively manage their business by understanding store level product sales and store inventory management. In addition, suppliers can be evaluated based on sales, profit, and inventory turnover. As opposed to operational reporting, which makes gathering relevant information difficult and time consuming, POSmart consolidates all relevant information into a format that is easy for business users to access and analyze.

Relational Solutions, Inc. is a Cleveland, Ohio based Business Intelligence company. Relational Solutions, Inc. supplies products and services designed to allow its customers to better understand its business through database intelligence.