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BlueSky Performance Book


BlueSky Performance Book: Benefits

The BlueSky Perfomance Book is the "next level" of BI tools. What separates Performance Books from the competition is its amazing "Day Timer" like motif.  Its highly visual appeal and point-and-click simplicity is designed to meet the demands of executives, management, and other decision makers that rely on timely, accurate information. BlueSky Performance Book's is capable of delivering information to large user populations with little training required. 

  • Ease of use
  • Little or no training involved
  • Graphical Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are easily absorbed by users
  • KPI's are organized by tab making them simple to navigate
  • Seamless integration with corporate portals
  • Drill down into detail
  • Serves multiple types of business users
  • Integrates with MS Excel®

BlueSky Performance Books is quite possibly the most user friendly browser based information portal on the marketplace.


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