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Browser Based For The Business User

What separates BlueSky from the competition is that it was architected from the ground-up as a thin client web-based report distribution and analysis tool.  This differs from most query and reporting products on the market today that began as Windows clients and were subsequently retro-fitted for web support. 


BlueSky was developed to be easy to manage & requires less hardware than the competition. It is a component based architecture for total flexibility.  Thus, it can easily integrate with virtually any corporate portal. 



BlueSky Analyze supports virtually any database including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Teradata, and Sybase.  The BlueSky query engine manages and optimizes query performance.  In addition, the BlueSky engine implements XML and XSL for optimum web-based report flexibility.


BlueSky provides an easy-to-use interface, allowing reports & information to be distributed to users painlessly and cost effectively. 


Because it is highly intuitive, little training is required for users.  This lends itself to a high acceptance rate and ensures a maximum ROI for your data warehouse or data mart.


BlueSky Portal


Introducing BlueSky Business Intelligence Portal, the affordable and easy to use web-based business intelligence tool.  BlueSky is a browser-based data analysis tool designed for the common business user.  BlueSky integrates with Microsoft Office and can access virtually any database.  In addition, it is easy and quick to get up and running.


Both Gartner Group and Meta Group have stressed the importance of business intelligence and data warehousing in today’s highly competitive economy.  But affordable, browser based, enterprise business intelligence tools are virtually non-existent – until now.  Most enterprise level query and reporting products have steep prices and costly ongoing maintenance.  BlueSky is an affordable product with features important to the majority of corporations. It is designed for the common business user. 



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100% User Acceptance

The business user is the single focus of BlueSky.  A business intelligence tool will likely fail if the user experience is difficult or requires extensive training.  BlueSky requires little training and borrows from technology that business users are already familiar with such as a clean, point-and-click interface and Microsoft Office integration.  Ease-of-use is at the forefront of the BlueSky technology.


In addition, BlueSky incorporates easy-to-use targeted Wizards where needed.  For example, a Wizard walks the user through the process of creating an ad-hoc report.  The use of targeted Wizards reduces training cost and improves user acceptance.



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