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Demand Signal Repository Experts, Relational Solutions, Announces BlueSky Post Promotion Analytics

Relational Solutions, Inc., the leader in Enterprise Demand Signal Repositories, has designed an innovative Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) solution that aligns promotional plans with actual retail execution. This allows consumer goods manufacturers to optimize promotional plans and retain high promotional ROI on events. BlueSky Post Promotion Analytics helps reduce costs by identifying promotions that are neither profitable to the manufacturer nor the retailer. Understanding success and failure of trade events with extensive coverage across all retail segments is essential to optimizing trade spend. BlueSky Post Promotion Analytics is part of Relational Solutions powerful BlueSky Suite of end user tools.

Relational Solutions Blog

Relational Solutions experts blog about issues related to demand signal repositories, big data, data integration, business intelligence, hot topics and current issues with retails and more. Blogs will include current events in the CPG industry as well as topics related to dealing with point of sale (POS) issues. It will also focus on topic related to retailer POS, EDI 852, syndicated data from third party data providers such as AC Nielsen, IRI, Retail Solutions, NPD, IMS, etc. We will also discuss business intelligence including different tools for different users and various architectures.


Experts Rob York, Janet Dorenkott & Matt Rhoades will post on various topics. Other experts from the Relational Solutions team will post as well.