BlueSky XL Builder

BlueSky XL Builder – Excel™ Add-in



BlueSky XL Builder allows you to quickly build queries and export data directly into spreadsheets, as well as create the corresponding Pivot Tables for you. This allows you to build powerful, updatable excel-based reports and dashboards in Excel™! You only need to define your query once, after that simply click the refresh button and your entire spreadsheet is automatically updated with the latest data.


Users can share spreadsheets with other BlueSky XL Builder users. They can update their spreadsheets simply by clicking the Refresh button and get only the data that is relevant to them. BlueSky XL Builder leverages the security of our Business Semantic Layer and therefore Excel™ reports are updated with built-in security so that users get reports updated with information related to their specific business area, or security rules.


Designed for the Casual and Power User


  • Create powerful spreadsheets and Dashboards from multiple queries quickly and easily
  • Easy to use Wizards walk you through creating your data view
  • Mix and match data from multiple databases using our unique business semantic layer that shields users from to complexity of the database
  • Create stunning reports and charts using familiar Excel formatting, charting and formulas
  • BlueSky XL Builder automatically creates Pivot Tables for you from database queries
  • Create and share with other users complete Excel reports with built-in security
  • Simplify your life – no importing, no copying/pasting, re-keying or reformatting – just click the Refresh button to update the data
  • Because BlueSky XL Builder is built into Excel you can build reports your way without the need for extensive training
  • No technical experience required
  • BlueSky XL Builder works with Excel 2007 and 2010. It supports ALL major databases including: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Teradata, MS Access, any ODBC or OLEDB compliant sources.



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BlueSky XL Builder makes life easier for Excel users. BlueSky XL Builder lets you create powerful spreadsheets from database queries quickly and easily. Users can mix and match data from multiple data sources using the dataset Wizard. This allows users to create queries without having to know anything about databases or the SQL language. Pivot Tables made easy: BlueSky XL Builder automatically pulls in the data and creates the Pivot Tables for you! Once data is in Excel, you simply use all the built in Excel features.


You can share Excel reports and report templates with other users simply by emailing it to them. If the user has the BlueSky XL Builder plug-in, they can update the report with a single mouse click and it will repopulate it with data relevant to their business area. Thus, Excel reports are updated with built-in security so that users get only what they are allowed to see providing total transparency to the business user. Create Standardized Excel presentations. BlueSky XL Builder is great for creating standardized Excel templates for Account Teams and casual users. Account Team members only need to click the “Refresh Data” button and the report will contain only the data they are entitled to see. It doesn’t get any easier! Integrated with Wal-mart Retail Link: User who want to directly populate their Excel spreadsheets, Excel templates, Excel pivot tables and Excel dashboards with the data they download from Walmart’s Retail Link, can now update their pre-designed Excel reports with a single click without the need to recreate their reports each time. This is because we offer the option to have our RL application built right into Excel via our BlueSky XL Builder. Wal-mart analysts can now automatically refresh Wal-mart reports into Excel with a single click. Do you have PowerPoint Presentations linked to your Excel reports? Reports and charts linked from Excel to PowerPoint are also, automatically repopulated when you click the “Refresh” button. Contact Relational Solutions for a demo of BlueSky XL Builder.

Relational Solutions recommends that if you are querying point of sale data (POS) that you first have our award winning POSmart Enterprise Demand Signal Repository in place. However, the BlueSky XL Builder can be used as a general business intelligence tool outside of the POSmart Enterprise Demand Signal Repository.