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BlueSky Integration Studio



BlueSky Integration Studio (BIS) is a powerful data integration, data validation, data transformation and data cleansing tool. BIS is used for extraction, transformation, load (ETL) projects.


BIS can be used in big data projects and demand signal repository projects. BIS is used to integrate data for data warehousing, customer data management, big data integration, POS data integration, social media data integration, master data management, demand signal repository (DSR) data integration and more. Companies also use BIS for application integration and web applications that require access to databases and other file structures.


By leveraging the graphical interface that is intuitive for developers, BIS reduces the risk of failure for complex projects and expedites the time to market by allowing developers to get up to speed quickly with minimal training. There is no need to learn a new proprietary scripting language that other tools force on you.


BlueSky Integration Studio Earns 4.9 Out of 5 Stars!


BlueSky Integration Studio is recognized by renowned database guru and the founder of SQL Server Worldwide Users Group, Stephen Wynkoop.
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ETL software systems, such as BlueSky Integration Studio, initially gained their popularity as a common tool for loading data warehouse systems; however in recent years they have become increasingly popular for all sorts of business integration needs. Quite literally, BlueSky Integration Studio can be used to load data warehouse systems and business intelligence portals, integrate disparate data sources, integrate business applications, and even automate business processes. BlueSky Integration Studio can save you thousands of hours of hand-coding the movement and flow of information throughout your entire enterprise.


  • Supports virtually any data type including MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Teradata, Netezza, PostgreSQL, ODBC, OLEDB, EDI Files, Text Files, MS Excel, MS Access, In-memory tables, and many more!
  • Based on .NET 4.0
  • Versioning - built-in version management
  • Promotion Management - easily move from Development to QA to Production
  • Free development server license
  • In-memory tables for blazingly fast lookups
  • New caching technology for even faster load times!
  • Stored Procedure based updates for MS SQL Server and Oracle for super-fast UpdateOrInsertNew functionality.
  • Job Sequencing - graphically design job flows with incredible flexibility
  • Bulk loader support for MS SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, DB2 and now Netezza!
  • SAP - ability to read from ABAP, SAP BW, Queries and Tables.


BlueSky Integration Studio is our award winning ETL software (Extraction, Transformation and Load) that gives you the capability to easily extract data from one-to-many data sources, transform it to fit the business rules, and ultimately load it into a destination system.



BlueSky Integration Studio (BIS) automates the integration of data from various sources and has specific data objects that support point of sale (POS) data sources. POS sources include Walmart’s Retail Link, EDI 852 files and other objects commonly used by consumer goods companies.


BIS supports the integration of data from Oracle, SAP, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Teradata, EDI, flat files, csv files, xls files, big data, social media data, point of sale (POS) data, syndicated data and other data sources.


What normally takes months to develop takes weeks or days with BIS.  The reason is scripting associated with hand coding data management processes is embedded into BIS’s graphical work-flow interface. This allows for code visualization and the automation of code generation rather than having to create and read line after line of SQL scripting or procedural programming languages. This visualization is invaluable when attempting to reverse-engineer existing code. Additionally, BIS reduces knowledge transfer to production support with built-in notification features, detailed job logs, one-click documentation and automated batch processing with its graphical Job Sequencing feature. In short, BIS creates a data management environment that allows for rapid development for data integration, data transformation, data cleansing, demand signal repositories and provides consistency for a single developer or across a development team and one that is easy to manage and maintain.


BlueSky Integration Studio (BIS) offers a powerful visual design platform that allows you to simply drag and drop your data sources and elements from any data source to any target system and simply link them together creating your data flow. You can join disparate data sources together (such as Oracle, MS SQL, Excel, flat files, and etc.), map and load to multiple target data sources. Ease-of-use and rapid development is a high priority. Point-and-click Wizards allow the developer to quickly and easily create work flows, getting you up and running quickly without a time-consuming learning curve.


There is no limitation to the number of inputs or outputs a Job can have. Outputs can be any combination of relational databases (RDBMS), text files, Excel files, etc.  BIS has parallel RDBMS including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase and any ODBC/OLEDB database.


BIS is the data integration tool of choice by consumer goods companies when integrating POS data, EDI data, syndicated data, big data and other external data sources with existing data warehouse environments.

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