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BlueSky Analytics



BlueSky Analytics is a business intelligence tool that enables business professionals to securely share, schedule, and deliver interactive drag, drop and drill reports over the web, in email, and Microsoft Office documents.  It is the front end to RSI’s POSmart DSR solution. BlueSky Analytics uses Smart Client technology so that you get the richness of a Windows client with the ease of management of a thin client.  There are no compromises.  BlueSky Analytics has the power you need to quickly analyze data and take action.


Business Analysts and Power Users will embrace BlueSky Analytics. They can create easy-to-use dynamic reports that combine data from your data warehouse, ERP systems, 3rd party data and local data sources such as Excel and Access, and easily share them with business users with full security.  Now that’s power!


  • Powerful ad-hoc query and reporting
  • Complete OLAP capabilities
  • Dynamic charts and graphs
  • Powerful integration with Excel
  • Schedule, share and collaborate
  • Row level security



Analysts can create and schedule reports to run. The POSmart database is updated each night, after which any scheduled reports are then run. Reports are cached on the server and waiting for users when they log in. Once they access their interactive reports/cubes, they have instant drag, drop, drill capabilities. It does not go back and re-query the database with each filter or drill. Features include:


  • Security recognizes the user login and gives them access to reports relevant to their business area, territory or accounts.
  • Users can:
    • Drag, drop, drill, sort, filter, trend, compare, etc.
    • Change chart types and color schemes.
    • Create calculated fields
    • “Work off-line”
    • Highlight cells where certain criteria are met or not met.
    • Save new report views
    • Save reports and email to non-BlueSky users
    • Lock the graph below so they can continue working with the data.
    • Data can be sent to Excel, Adobe, Word, html or xml with a single click.
    • Print
    • Format charts
    • Create Power Point presentations
    • Create New Reports - Users can select the “World.” (subsets of the data in the POSmart database. World are managed and created through the BlueSky Administrator) Once the user selects the “World” they want to query, they simply choose what they want in their query and follow a wizard.


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