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Understanding Sales in Emerging Markets - Part 10

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

So how do you understand emerging market sales? It’s the same, age old dilemma we’ve seen happen year over year in the business intelligence space. Today, developing markets and big data are just new data sources.

The data dilemma consumer goods companies face includes integrating point of sale data from modern day retailers, syndicated data, retailer portals, EDI and more. The data is there but POS analysis is difficult. You get it. You might even have the impression you’re getting too much data. But that isn’t the case. The issue is having that data in a usable and reliable format that leverages demand signals. The data comes in, from so many different sources, that it’s impossible to get the full value out of it. Most companies are using it just to produce the reports they need. They just don’t have the time to create new insights even though the data is there.

Analysts spend countless hours gathering and pulling together data. Emerging market data is even worse because of the uniqueness associated with each country. But if you have the right enterprise demand signal repositoryarchitecture in place, this data can be leveraged.

POSmart streamlines the cleansing and integration of all these various data sources and puts them into a common repository where the data is clean and reliable. Our data model manages hierarchies and aligns data for reporting based on your internal calendars as well as the retailer calendars.

We can leverage our open architecture to integrate emerging market data from Russia, Brazil, China, India, and others. We customize the data model depending on your companies requirements. There is no plug and play solution for all different ways you may want to look at data. Every customer has their own business rules and you need to be able to look at data and evaluate it in a way that's best for you.

Our data integration engine integrates data based on data types. So whether you are getting emerging market data feeds through an FTP site, in a csv file, as a text file, through EDI, AS2 or from a third party, we can integrate it. We put the data into an easy to use format that’s easy and quick to access. We can also automate report delivery and still allow for ad hoc querying by power users. The result is a better understanding of your overall sales, including emerging markets, far more employee productivity, and more productive meetings. In addition, you have more access to reliable information than you’ve ever had. This data will help you know more about your business, provide more value to your management, understand your customer’s better and provide more insights to generate more profits.

Our SmartSolution architecture is open. The data base is independent and can reside on Teradata, Oracle, DB2 and most others. We, apply business rules, align internal data with external data and load the data into the POSmart data model. End users can then easily access and query the data. Reports that were scheduled to run are then cached on the server so when end users come in in the morning, all their reports are already there and waiting for them. In addition, analysts are able to create new reports.

Thank you for following our emerging market blog. I hope we provided you with valuable information. But I also wanted you to know we have a solution to help you manage that data and make sense of it. If you’re interested in a full demo of our Smart Solution, I’m happy to share that with your company.

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