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Relational Solutions Turns 20! Happy Birthday!

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Mon, Jan 4, 2016 @ 01:11 PM

taming_chaos.jpgIn 1996, Mark Zuckerberg was 11 years old. HTTP was officially introduced. was created. Netgear, Cyberlink, Qwest and Good Technologies were introduced. Hotmail was introduced. came online. Google was developed. Sony introduced VAIO. The 1st Java Development Kit was released. HTTP was officially introduced. Corel acquired WordPerfect & Quattro Pro from Novel. And Relational Solutions was born!

It was a time of immense and rapid change. It was a time of great opportunity for anyone who had ideas on where software and technology needed to go next.

For Relational Solutions, our focus, as stated in our original “Business Case,” was data integration, data warehousing and business intelligence. The picture above was our first logo. I still recall going for funding and being told “That problem was solved.” Being from Ohio and not from Silicon Valley, investors are limited. Even worse, they didn’t understand technology.

So with $12k, myself and Rob York decided to do it on our own. We became the first company to work with DataStage and Informatica and began using ETL tools that no one else was experienced with. We helped build the data warehouses for Timken Industries, Xerox, Chrysler, Chase Manhattan Bank and many others. We started focusing on consumer goods manufacturers back in 2000 and developed our first version of POSmart, which included cleansing and integration processes for point of sale data along with our data model. Over the years, we established our own ETL tool, BIS, as well as our own BI tool, BlueSky that is used across industries. POSmart became the foundation for TradeSmart which leverages our ETL & BI tools for CPG.

We survived the .com bust that took out nearly half the IT consulting companies in Cleveland. Last year were acquired by Mindtree, an IT company with headquarters in Bangalore, India and Warren, NJ. We are now the Mindtree, Center of Excellence for Integration and Analytics, and we’re looking forward to being part of their larger plan. It’s an amazing journey to be part of this technology evolution!

Happy Birthday to Relational Solutions and huge “Thank you!” to all our customers, partners and mostly to our employees, both past and present, who have participated in our journey and contributed their time and talents toward Relational Solutions success. We are thankful for all these relationships and excited to participate in the next phase of growth as part of Mindtree! Welcome to Possible!

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