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Relational Solutions Receives CGT 2016 Readers Choice Award

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Mon, Feb 8, 2016 @ 03:42 PM

CGT_Readers_Choice_Award_2016.jpgOnce again readers rank POSmart Enterprise DSR as having made a significant impact for Consumer Goods Manufactures. We are pleased to be named one of Consumer Goods Technology “Demand Data Analytics" Award winners.

Annually, CGT’s editorial staff shines a spotlight on a select group of global technology solution and services providers. The CGT Award draws on feedback from consumer goods executives and CGT’s editorial staff to rank service and solution providers in multiple categories. For over 10 years Relational Solutions has consistently been among the selected group of technology providers endorsed by consumer goods executives in conversations with CGT’s team.

Data Signal Management has become a critical necessity for CPG companies. Data Scientists are in high demand. Unfortunately, the demand for these knowledgeable resources far exceeds the supply. These individuals are sparse and expensive. Companies have a need to automate the tedious tasks associated with business intelligence so they can free up the time of data scientists and analysts and allow them the ability to create new insights that will increase business profits.

For over 20 years Relational Solutions been recognized as an industry leader in data warehousing, business intelligence, data cleansing, validation and integration across all industries. We designed Our Enterprise Demand Signal Repository, POSmart, specifically for consumer goods companies who have the added issues associated with integrating point of sale data. POSmart resolves complex data issues and provides a reliable source of factual information from which real time business decisions can be made. 

With our recent acquisition by Mindtree, Relational Solutions is now positioned to take our solution to a global market. Based in North Olmsted, Ohio, Relational Solutions is the Analytics Center of Excellence for Mindtree. We are a software and service company specializing in data warehousing, business intelligence, data integration, and demand data integration and analytics. Our POSmart solution, designed specifically for the consumer goods industry, expedites the integration, cleansing and harmonization of point of sale data with syndicated, third-party and internal data. .

Contact us for more information on our data warehouse and business intelligence practice or to learn more about our Demand Data Analytics solution for CPG. Our team is happy to consult with your team.

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