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Reason 9 What Makes POS Difficult for CPG Data Scientists & Analysts?

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Fri, May 29, 2015 @ 04:01 PM

Relational Solutions knows the nature of business intelligence is that users requests constantly change. In addition, data that is available to the data scientist or analyst today will be different than the data needed over time. 

Anytime there are changes to the source data or change requests from end users, a data analyst is subjected to dealing with those issues related to that change.

Maybe a user now wants to compare sales from one retailer to that of another. Perhaps they want to compare trends from promotions instead of historical sales. Perhaps your company changes from an Oracle ERP system to an SAP system. All these thiings require code changes if there is no automated enterprise foundation in place to manage POS and other data feeds.

What happens if your CPG company adds a new manufacturing system or TPM solution for trade promotion management? A data scientist or business analyst has to figure out how to access that new data.

Now your company starts buying new data. Perhaps it's competitive data from Nielsen or IRI. Maybe it's weather trend data or demographic information.

Now management wants to see sales compared with your internal regions and be able to drill down to the sales rep level to see individual performance. They also want to push OOS information out to handhelds. In a dashboard, they now want to see cross retailer reports on a nightly basis.

Every time a new request is made by end users or management, an analyst has to figure out how to access, align and present that information in a way that makes sense. Often times it takes weeks to create that report because there is no automated, integrated foundation that allows them to easily create new reports.

Manual creation of reports is complex, often requires IT interaction, time consuming and very prone to human error. For this reason, it’s necessary to have an enterprise solution in place like POSmart by Relational Solutions, to handle and accommodates those new changes & sources. 


Reason 9 POS is hard to use



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