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Reason #6 for What Makes a CPG Analysts Job So Difficult

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Wed, May 13, 2015 @ 08:30 AM

Retailers make decisions based on their own profitability. Not that they don't consider the consumer goods manufacturer, but ultimately, they have an obligation to their shareholders. The problem for CPG analysts is that they are subject to whatever changes the retailers make. When a retailer decides to add new stores, data integration needs change. When a retailer puts new contractual obligations in place, the CPG manufacturer must accommodate those changes and their reports and analytics needs to be reflective of those changes as well. This is our 6th of a 10 part infographic, blog series on what makes using point of sale data so difficult for business analysts and data scientists in the consumer goods industry. 



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Topics: POSmart, analytics, CPG