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Reason 4: Why CPG Analysts Have Issues Integrating POS Data

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Thu, May 7, 2015 @ 06:20 PM

Consumer Goods Manufacturers have many complexities associated with using point of sale and syndicated data. One of those issues is, "Where are they going to get the data from?" You can often get EDI files from the retailer, use an EDI translator to make some sense of the data and try to create reports from that. 
You can also buy data and reports from 3rd party vendors like IRI, Nielsen, NPD, IMS, Polk and others. But that data comes at a cost. The next infographic explains the 4th issue CPG analysts have with sales analysis. 
Follow Relational Solutions 10 part infographic, blog series designed to help CPG analysts explain why it often takes days or weeks to put together reports that require POS data along with syndicated and internal data. 
Integrating POS data is difficult because retailer POS has many data issues. One issue a CPG company has is figuring out where to get the data, if they need to buy it & if it will support requirements.

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