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Reason #3: Why CPG Analysts Have Issues Integrating POS Data

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Thu, May 7, 2015 @ 12:24 AM

Business Analysts in the Consumer Goods Industry have the added complexity of integrating internal data with data from outside sources. What makes POS data so difficult for CPG analysts includes multiple retailers along with the varying elements they provide. Second, is missing data, recast data and UPC issues a CPG analyst has to deal with. The third reason is listed below. Follow Relational Solutions in this 10 part infographic series blog designed for consumer goods manufacturing analysists and data scientists to help them explain to management why point of sale data is so difficult to deal with. This will help you explain why it often takes hours, days or even weeks to pull togehter reports.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Big Data, POSmart, Data Warehousing, data integration, Omnichannel