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Reason #2: Why CPG Analysts Have Issues Integrating POS Data.

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Wed, Apr 22, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

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What makes integrating and reporting off of point of sale data so difficult for business analysts at a consumer goods manufacturer? There are many reasons. The first reason we posted explained the varying data elements provided by each retailer, syndicated data provider or other data source. This explains that different data sources also have different reliability. One data source might be very dependable. Then one day, when you're not having trouble with your typical, troublesome data sources, the reliable one has issues.  Hence, the frustration.

When you are dependent on so many other data sources to provide you with the content for your reports, you are subject to whatever data issues, networking issues, resource availability, and so forth, that they are having in addition to your own. POSmart enterprise foundation provides CPG Manufacturers with an infrastructure that fixes these issues. 

Topics: Business Intelligence, Big Data, POSmart, Demand Signal Repository, data integration, analytics, CPG