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Are Your Promotions Worth Repeating?

Posted by Karen Kurtzweil

Wed, Nov 18, 2015 @ 01:10 PM

Ever wonder if your promotions are worth repeating or is it simply the same-old-same-old? Maybe it just doesn't seem possible to evaluate all the details of each promotion or there just isn't enough time or manpower to do the job. We heard these replies and answered the call.

TradeSmart is designed to automate your Post Promotion Analytics and deliver what we like to call Trade Promotion Intelligence. It does the heavy lifting of integrating, harmonizing and cleansing all the data including COGS, POS, Shipments, and Plan, delivering an enterprise wide view of your promotional landscape.

Imagine 100% coverage of your promotions everywhere money is spent.....BAM! 

Ready to learn more? Watch our Trade Promotion Intelligence Webinar OnDemand. This is a 30 min overview of our TradeSmart Solution. 



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