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Reason #10 What Makes a CPG Analysts Job so Difficult?

Without a DSR....Your Data is Sunk

Relational Solutions Receives CGT 2016 Readers Choice Award

Relational Solutions Turns 20! Happy Birthday!

Big Data, Data Warehouse or Data Lake? They aren't the Same Thing.

Are Your Promotions Worth Repeating?

Big Data includes Structured, Unstructured & Hybrid Data

Big Data 101-Part 1

Integrating ALL that Data...It's Time for a DSR!

Trade Spend Can't Be Controlled Without Trade Promotion Intelligence

Before Big Data, IoT & Omnichannel

Data Warehouse or Data Mart? What's the Difference

What Is Business Intelligence and Why Do We Need It?

Implementing & Managing the Demand Signal Management Process

How to Convince Your Boss You Need an Enterprise Data Solution

The POS Data Dilemma

Why Should We Care About POS (Data)?

What Is Demand Signal Management?

Technology Terminology Burn-Out: Clearing up the Confusion in the Market

Reason 10 What Makes POS Data Difficult for Data Scientists & Analysts

#CGSM15 Challenge Winners!

#CGSM15 Challenge

Reason 9 What Makes POS Difficult for CPG Data Scientists & Analysts?

Reason #8 Frequency of Data Feeds

Reason #7. What Makes POS Data so Difficult to work with for CPG Data Scientists?

Reason #6 for What Makes a CPG Analysts Job So Difficult

Reason #5. What Makes a CPG Analyst Job so Difficult?

Reason 4: Why CPG Analysts Have Issues Integrating POS Data

Reason #3: Why CPG Analysts Have Issues Integrating POS Data

8 Teams an Enterprise DSR Can Support

Understanding TPM, TPO & TPI

Reason #2: Why CPG Analysts Have Issues Integrating POS Data.

Reason #1: Why CPG Analysts Have Issues Integrating POS Data

10 Part Series on Why Integrating POS Data is So Difficult for CPG Business Analysts

End the Frustration of Data Integration

Trade Promotion Event Summary

Aligning Trade Promotion Events for CPG

TPM, TPO & TPI. What's the difference?

6 Reasons Management Will Approve an ETL Tool

How to Develop a Trade Spend Roadmap to Justify TPO & TPI

Is Viral Adding Value?

SaaS vs. Hosted Solutions

Data Scientist Skills

OmniChannel Needs OmniSmart Thinking

Omnichannel Data Issues

The Omni-Channel and Mobile Payments will they Click?

Measuring Trade Spend Matters when it comes to nailing JBPS

Increase Trade Spend ROI (By Avoiding These 5 Mistakes)!

Data Deep Dive Reveals Treasure

Coupons 101

Improve Joint Business Planning with Retailers

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Relational Solutions, Shopper Technology, CatMan Assn & Others Share Insights on the LEAD Marketing Conference Webinar. Wednesday, Nov 12.

JBP Overview Requirements & Kickoff

Understanding Sales in Emerging Markets - Part 10

Emerging Markets & Mobile Retailing - Part 9

Emerging Market Data Issues - Part 8

Entering the Emerging Markets - Part 7

Emerging Markets & How They are Different - Part 6

Emerging Market Volatility - Part 5

Emerging Market Income - Part 4

Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make When Evaluating Trade Spend ROI

Emerging Markets Spending - Part 2

Emerging Markets Defined - Part 1

Emerging Markets & Their Importance to CPG

Biggest Omni-channel Retail & Omni-Channel CPG Issues Today

Promotion Analytics & Measuring Promotion Effectiveness

Promotion Analytics and "Spreadsheet Hell"

Challenges in Promotion and Trade Spend Analysis

Big Data Part 7

Big Data Part 6

Big Data Part 5

Big Data Part 4

Big Data Part 3

Big Data Part 2

Big Data Part 1

Defining Data: Data Marts, Data Warehouses and Big Data

Transactional versus Analytical Business Intelligence

Demand Signal Repository Experts, Relational Solutions, Announces BlueSky Post Promotion Analytics

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