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Aligning Trade Promotion Events for CPG

Posted by Janet Dorenkott

Thu, Mar 19, 2015 @ 03:08 PM

Aligning promotional events with the actual consumer experience is critical for any post event analytics. Your internal financial system likely separates each promotion into its own expense item (See example of events on chart).

You may run promotions for a Product Group that includes a combination of in-store display, feature ad, price reduction and circular.  To the Retailer and consumer, this may be a single event.  However, to your internal, TPM planning system these are all separate events with separate costs. 


Trade Teams need a way to pull the individual promotions together in to a single event, so they can understand whether or not they were successful as whole in order to truly understand the ROI of the entire trade event. 


PromoPro is a tool that allows trade marketing teams to come up true ROI by using an easy-to-use interface for event alignment.  The “Event Alignment” tool allows trade managers to align promotional events into a single Retail Trade Event.  All metrics automatically roll-up to the Retail Trade Event and users can click to see the promotion event details.


It’s important to understand that our PromoPro first does an “intelligent roll-up” based on promotions, dates, promoted product group and retailer.  This saves users an extraordinary amount of time.  Users can then go in and tweak the events or add overrides for dates and volumes.


Once edits are made, the data is instantly refreshed so users can understand if they want to make further adjustments. 


All changes are audited so that management understands who made the adjustment, why it was made and when they were made. Auditing also keeps track of the original state with each and every adjustment just in case you need to go back. 

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