Sales & Marketing eCRM Solutions - Business Intelligence and Portal

Think like your customer! Relational Solutions, Inc. (RSI) offers a complete sales and marketing eCRM solution that fits virtually any corporate environment. Our solution allows you to fully understand your customers by removing the data gathering task and allowing your organization to spend its time analyzing, rather than gathering, data and information. Our solution integrates your operational systems, spreadsheets, files and/or 3rd party data sources into a single, unified source for customer, product, and organizational analysis. Our extraction processes validate all in-coming data to ensure 100% data integrity.

In addition, RSI's optional Sales & Marketing BI Portal supports the latest web capabilities, including complete web-based reporting and XML support. Our portal technology is component based and thus can be easily integrated into an existing corporate portal. RSI's Sales & Marketing BI Portal gives business users the flexibility they desire for publish and subscribe capabilities, ad-hoc reporting, trending, exception reporting, alerts and complete administration and maintenance of users and groups - all through a web browser! This substantially reduces maintenance cost and allows for information access from anywhere, at any time. All of our customized applications support open systems, including your choice of the latest databases from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Informix or Sybase. In addition, we support OLAP databases from Hyperion, Microsoft, Oracle and Cognos.

Think like your customer. Don't be left in the wake of your competitors. Be a leader and stay ahead of your competition by contacting Relational Solutions, Inc.