Have you out-grown your current method of POS reporting? Are you spending most your time gathering and maintaining data rather than analyzing and discovering opportunities? POSmart is the only true Multi-Retailer point-of-sale solution for Consumer Goods manufacturers and distributors. POSmart is a complete OPEN SYSTEM design with solid data warehouse principles, so you can rest assure it is the long term solution your company has been looking for.

POSmart is an end-to-end solution that gathers raw retailer POS data, validates and cleanses it, and then loads it into the POSmart database in lighting speed. POSmart takes all the complexity out and delivers the information to business users in a highly graphical, point-and-click browser based interface. Thus, there is nothing to install on the business users PC. Reports are dynamic, allowing business users to drag, drop and drill down into details.

No need for multiple technologies. POSmart is designed for modern businesses that need a single architecture that consolidates data from ALL retailers. POSmart can integrate additional data from your ERP system, 3rd part data, budgets/forecasts and additional non conventional data. Its an off the shelf solution that can be modified for your unique business model.


POSmart brings together all your retail customers in a single, consolidated architecture that is easy to maintain and manage. POSmart is built around a strong data warehouse architecture which means you will not out grow POSmart's capabilities.

POSmart has a full range of Extractors built to the specification of each and every retailer. In addition, its data cleansing and validation algorithms ensure consistent and reliable information.


Our Executive Dashboards are designed by business users for business users. That means that POSmart is very easy to use and requires little training.

The Executive and Management Dashboards are entirely point-and-click. It is highly graphical with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that highlight business specific performance measures.

Each KPI contains drill down detail. If you use Yahoo or Google then you can use POSmart.


All of POSmart's reports are designed to answer important business questions. These include:
> Zero Scans
> Topline
> Ship Share
> Sales Opportunity
> Scorecards
> New Item Tracking
> Stores Out-of-Stock
> Item Review
> Promotions
> Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Reviews
> Many more...


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