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Relational Solutions, Inc.
introduces POSmart, the first fully customized Point-of-Sales (POS) database reporting and analysis application designed to increase sales and manage inventory. You no longer need to be the size of WalMart to have a consolidated, easy-to-use POS database application. POSmart, designed for companies in the Consumer Products industry, is fully web enabled to deliver critical information to business users whenever it is required, at any time and at any place.


Similar to WalMart's Retail Link, POSmart is a powerful yet easy-to-use reporting and analysis application specifically designed for the business user. By enabling you to understand your customer and accurately manage inventory, POSmart will give you an advantage over your competition and improve your status with customers such as WalMart, Kmart, Lowes, Staples, Officemax, DIY, and any other national or regional retail chain.

POSmart consolidates data from all potential sources, such as your internal operational systems containing store-level and product-level information, legacy systems, EDI from retail customers, WalMart's Retail Link, Kmart's PIN, spreadsheets, Catagory Captain data and any other relevant files to populate a single, consolidated POS database. Relational Solution's POSmart does this by understanding the business user's requirements and pulling only the relevant data into a system designed for reporting and analysis. Unlike your operational transaction systems which are designed for functions such as order entry and invoicing, POSmart is designed for ease of reporting and analysis for the business user. Data in POSmart is updated daily to ensure you have the latest available information. All of this is transparent to the business user who will access the information from an easy-to-use Windows based GUI application or any internet browser. Reports are automatically updated daily, weekly or monthly and delivered to the business user via intranet or internet. Ad-hoc reports are drag-and-drop easy. Click here to read about the important features of POSmart.

If your company is in the computer products industry, let Relational Solution's years of experience implementing POS reporting and analysis systems help you increase sales and improve profitability. We do this by enabling you to understand your customer's buying patterns and preferences, and managing inventory to ensure the right product is delivered to the right location at the right time. Because its Relational Solutions, it is proven technology. POSmart will give you a POS reporting and analysis system quickly and without risk.

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Are you wondering why all the hype surrounding data warehousing? As a manager in corporate America, ask yourself this question: "Are we able to use information to improve company profits to the fullest extent?"

If there is any doubt to your answer then you need to move to the next step. There are five basic questions that are key if one is to understand the relevance behind data warehousing and improving company profits:

Can we use information to increase sales or improve profit margins?
Can we use information to increase market share or enter new markets?
Can we use information to be more competitive?
Can we use information to reduce costs or to be more productive?
Can we use information to better understand our customer's requirements for doing business?

If your answer is "yes" to any these questions, then you understand the reason for all the hype surrounding data warehousing. And the remarkable thing is that most all of this information is already there, locked away in company data coffers. The reason you can't get to it is because it is located in unreachable (translated, old proprietary) repositories or is stored in complex formats designed for your transactional systems, making it extremely difficult, maybe impossible, for meaningful reporting.

The purpose of the data warehouse is to consolidate information and place it in a format that business people can understand and use on a daily basis to improve company profitability.

Thus, the data warehouse is built specifically around the requirements of the business user, not the transactional requirements of an ERP system.

Now you understand why Relational Solutions, Inc. is in business and why we can be important to your company. We build data warehouses incrementally so our customers can reap the benefits quickly, usually within 3 to 6 months. We start with the most pressing needs like Financial Reporting or Sales and Marketing and incrementally build in areas such as Fulfillment, Forecasting, Inventory Management, etc. Take a look at our Data Warehouse Subject Area Analysis to gain a better understanding of how a data warehouse can benefit your organization.

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Internet, Intranet and Extranet access to the data warehouse is no longer bleeding edge. It has become mainstream. With the speed in which technology is changing, soon wireless communication to the data warehouse will become feasible for the masses. Relational Solutions, Inc. is at the forefront of muti-tier data warehousing and leading the charge toward data transparency to the business users.
As knowledge management begins to play an important role in the evolution and maturity of information distribution, there is only one company solely dedicated to this process. That one company is Relational Solutions, Inc. With a track record of success and zero tolerance for failure, we can make data warehousing work for your organization. After looking at our supporting pages to this web site, we believe you will come to the same conclusion our customers have: Relational Solutions, Inc. is the one company you need to talk to for your data warehousing needs. Click here to receive information about Relational Solutions, Inc.

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