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Meet our Executive Team: 

Debjyoti Paul, Janet Dorenkott, Rob York, Rakesh Prasad, 


Sankar Subramaniam, Monideep Chatterjee



As sponsors of the 2016 CGT Sales & Marketing Summit, our executives will be on site to personally meet with you and discuss how the latest in Consumer Goods data relationships, digital trends, and advanced analytics impact the Path to Purchase and the overall Omni-Channel experience.


Mindtree offers a full spectrum of digital and analytical services, proven to solve the challenges of today's consumer.


Mindtree Delivers:

  • 20+ years of integration, analytics and digital expertise
  • 16K+ Global Minds  
  • Now Offering "Advanced Predictive" and "Advanced Prescriptive" Analytics as a Service
  • Leverage the Enterprise DSR with Digital
  • Optimize your Omni-Channel